Organic Poultry

Capestone Organic Poultry have specialised in organic poultry production since its conversion in 1998.

With a dedicated and committed team who are passionate about high welfare and excellent animal husbandry, Capestone is extremely proud of the standard it has set. Customer feedback supports our philosophy that by waiting a little longer you can expect fantastic results.

Capestone’s brooding team carefully select breeds for their natural maturity and slow growth rate with a minimum of 70 days. In turn the customer can expect a product with exceptional eating quality and fine marbling of fat to compliment the taste.

Small flocks are nurtured from day old chicks, as soon as they are feathered they are moved outside to roam grassy pastures.

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Our organic standards

  • Capestone’s organic birds can expect constant access to food and water at all times.
  • Bespoke organic GM-free cereal based diet.
  • Enjoy natural light, which encourages their playful and natural behaviour.
  • Environmental Enrichment: Shelters and shade are provided on the range to protect the birds from all weather conditions while they enjoy species rich pastures.
  • Perches built in sheds to entertain the birds when indoors.